Music Star Map

A Planetarium of VOCALOID Music
Songrium is a music browsing assistance service based on visualization of music relations.

Traveling a Music Starry Sky

Music Star Map is a function that visualizes original songs in a two-dimensional space where songs are automatically mapped according to audio feature similarity. The position of a song on the map is determined so that it is located close to other songs with similar mood.


Connecting Songs

Arrow Tag is a named directional link from one song to another song. It represents a relation between original songs in natural language. Songrium enables a user to annotate various relations between original songs using Arrow Tags.


Diverse Derivative Works

Derivative works appear as colored circle icons which rotate around the original song. The orbit, size, color, and velocity of a circle icon represent attributes of a derivative work. The color indicates the category of each derivative work. When most icons are the same color (i.e., most derivative works are in the same category), the user can easily notice that this category dominates.